Why Chris Travels Chose A Class A Over The Class C

A few of the reasons I decided to change up my original search.

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  1. I know this comment is out of date because you are already on the road but I wanted to share with you my admiration and best wishes for your journey ahead. I also want to share with you that my wife and I are getting ready to down size from our massive house in Palm Springs and will be buying a smaller home here and traveling during the summer in an RV. We have decided to start with a B+ and graduate to a Foretravel. I wish you would share your experiences with the RV geeks and Jason and Nikki Wynn. jason@gonewiththewynns.com; email@rvgeeks.net . Why spend all your time researching and trying to figure things out like a compost toilet or how to make things work better when it is allready out there.
    If you were to make friends with these guys, you could work together to make more money especially in you tube hits. even surge protector sales could go huge>
    I really care. Thank you both.

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