Our New Full Time RV ~ 2008 Monaco Monarch

Here it is everyone. My biggest investment and our new home!


  1. Hey Chris! Hope all is well for you and G. I’ve been watching your channel for a little over a year now and when I first heard you say that you were heading to “Tom Raper” I was like..no way ! LOL I live in Richmond and I live around 2 minutes away from Tom Rapers !
    I used to own a Class C Fleetwood Tioga for about 7 or 8 years and had many adventures in it (including getting caught in 2 separate tornados).
    You guys are doing it the right way…enjoy life and live it while you can! I wish I would’ve traveled more when I was younger !
    Being able to move your “home” wherever you choose to go is such an awesome way of life. I think that many people would benefit by taking a year or two off from their regular style of living and learning how to live this way.
    Many of us have issues when it comes to getting rid of a lot of our “Stuff”. RV life is a bit more minimalistic, in nature, than what most of our society is used to.
    Good luck to you and G and I hope you have many years of travels and adventures in your awesome new Class A ! It looks really nice and seems to have just about anything and everything that you could ever want! I’d setup a nice solar system on it (I’m pretty sure you said you were gonna do that too). I’d use those tv screens as monitors for my computer and/or my phone ala “screen mirroring”!
    Take care and be safe,

    • admin chris travels

      Thats funny you live in richmond, that place is actually a lot bigger than I thought! We are super excited to get on the road with the new home though. We are loving Florida but man, am i ready to get on the road! I am working on a sponsorship at the moment to get a solar system put on the RV, we shall see though.

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