My Old School Stuff! When I first Started Living In A Van!

This brings back some good memories. This was from way back in the day when I looked up to kyle pounds and the sort to draw motivation and ideas for future videos.

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  1. Steve Stiely

    i started watching when your friend matt got the hook in his finger (funny your reaction). I had the same mentality work to live not live to work .I use to go snowboarding all day in flagstaff drive back to Tucson about 10pm and power nap got to work at midnight ( i was a baker before i started my own business).So yea thats what attracted me to your videos now some 3 years later .One of my favorite videos is the one were you were riding the train in thialand i believe and your were hanging out the door early in the morning or late in the day and there was a native guy hanging out the door infront of you and he was singing .That was a (had to be there at that moment) and you took all your viewers there!! I am the guy who plays the Native American flute at the ritz carlton in tucson. if you and G decide you want to come out and listen in december shoot me an e-mail so i know your coming and i can say hey !! Take care up there in alaska, Steve S
    P.S i watch alaska the last frontier and in one of your videos by homer spit at the flea market the lady with thefunky vegatable stand was sunshine kilcher sister of otto kilcher who is one of the main characters in the show . so i was like WOW !

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